Quiet Heart Pilgrimages To India!

...exclusively for devoted SRF/YSS Kriyaban disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda

At a Glance

This “At a Glance” section will give you a quick overview of the types of pilgrimages offered, qualifications for participation, the cost, what is included, and what is expected of the pilgrims. Interested devotees are requested to read all of the website sections for more details.

How to Decide Which Pilgrimage Is Right For Me

Like people, pilgrimage tours to India are different; depending on how they are organized, who is leading them, and a number of other variables.

If you do your research, ask for Guruji’s guidance, and then listen to your heart, there is no doubt that you will be guided to the right pilgrimage for your highest good, based on your karma and receptivity.

In the “Extras” section you will find an article : ”Thoughts To Consider About Regarding A Pilgrimage To India.”

How the Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to India are Designed

The Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to India are semi-private and exclusively for practicing Kriyaban disciples of the SRF/YSS path. The focus throughout is to enable each devotee the opportunity of taking a closer walk with Guruji, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.

The Quiet Heart Pilgrimages are designed to be a deeply personal pilgrimage between you and Guruji. It’s important to note that the primary purpose of the Quiet Heart Pilgrimages is to provide a special service for mature SRF/YSS Kriyaban devotees who want to have a deeply reverent spiritual experience in a small group of like-minded souls who have the same devotional focus of wanting a closer walk with Guruji, yet honoring each other's space to absorb the blessings and insights at their own pace, in peace and harmony.

Maturity Defined….

It's not about age, or length of time on the path, or how many Kriyas you do, or how long you meditate each day….

It's about having come to that place where God…practicing and feeling the Presence of the Divine…has become the compelling force in your life.

It's about wanting to live more in the Quiet Heart; in the interior castle.

It's about loving God, and wanting to live, move, and have your being in that Divine Presence.

It's about coming to a place of peace, where you can rest in faith; where your relationship with the Divine Beloved has proven to be solid amidst the crash of breaking worlds.

It's about seeing the divine opportunity for spiritual growth in every situation; in every relationship.

Maturity is about finding your happiness in the thought of God, in the struggle to overcome the dark heart, and in the Guru-given joy of the Divine Romance.

5 Types of Quiet Heart Pilgrimages Are Offered

1) Women Only, above the age of 50 – 4 women only

2) Women Only, 18 years and older – 4 women only

3) Men Only, 18 years and older – 4 men only

4) Married Couples – 2 couples only

5) Private Pilgrimage - for one person, one couple, or custom groups

When and Where

Pilgrimages are offered every Spring and Fall. The “About …” section covers the itinerary options and samples.

In this Covid era, it is impossible to predict when the next pilgrimage will be. If you are an SRF/YSS Kriyaban and would like to be on the Quiet Heart Notification email list, send me an email and I’ll be happy to let you know the latest!

Qualifications for Inclusion in a Quiet Heart Pilgrimage:

Approved inclusion is at the discretion of the Pilgrimage Coordinator.

You are eligible for consideration if you complete the simple Application Process (see the “How to Apply” section) and if you can say “Yes” to all 10 of these questions:

  • Are you a practicing SRF/YSS Kriyaban?

No one will judge your practice; the important thing is that you are regularly practicing Kriya.

  • Are you psychologically flexible enough to travel in India?

Flexibility is absolutely key in India. This attitude can be cultivated by seeing everything as coming from God for your spiritual growth. (“What is the lesson in this for me?”) See "Being There ~Reflections"

  • Do you value the interior life?

Or are you preoccupied with concerns of the world?

  • Do you aspire to enter more deeply into the Quiet Heart?

…to rest in the Faith that no matter what comes or goes you are safe in the Immortal perfect care of God and Gurudev….

  • Do you want to have a deeper personal experience of God and Guru?

Would you appreciate being in an environment that actively supports Divine Remembrance?

  • Do you want to participate in a structured spiritual pilgrimage?

Because we are visiting the ashrams, our schedule needs to work around theirs. The days and activities are planned in order to use our time wisely. Your interior life, your relationship with the Divine is yours to determine. To help bring us back inside, from time to time we will have short periods of silence, or we will listen to a cd while on a long drive, or take turns reading from Enter the Quiet Heart or the AY.

  • Is Guruji calling you to Mother India?

This isn’t just a “feel-good” question. When we can feel everything as coming from the Divine, we know the meaning of Swami Achalanandaji’s statement: what comes to us is because “…we either need it or deserve it!” In either case, thinking deeply on it enhances the process and brings us more into The Presence.

  • Have you read all of the sections of the Quiet Heart Pilgrimage website?

  • Do you agree to be timely in payments, timely in responding to emails, timely in providing requested preparation information, and timely in completion of preparational activities?

  • Do you have easy access to basic email and print-out capability?

All preparation interaction is by email only; phone communication will only be for actual voice calls as needed. Fax, texts, and scans are not used.


The Quiet Heart pilgrimages are totally inclusive while in India, except for your very personal expenses like shopping or medical or changes in itinerary initiated by you. You will encounter no hidden costs or extra fees.

The cost for custom itineraries will be individually determined depending on the desired itinerary and length of time spent in India.

The costs for the regular Quiet Heart Pilgrimages are:

Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to Guruji’s India!
Semi-private ~ 4 pilgrims only

2 weeks: $5700 3 weeks: $8500 4 weeks: $11,500

All expenses paid,* no hidden costs. 24/7 personal attendance as needed.

Includes all meals, snacks, accommodations, guides, escort, entry fees,

and transportation while in India!

Also includes weekly in-depth personalized preparation guidance via email

for several months on all aspects of getting ready for this experience of a lifetime!

* All above on double occupancy basis, single supplements will apply. Itinerary and prices subject to change.
Inclusive in India, but
does not include international airfare or personal expenditures.
Restrictions and conditions apply. No refunds after arrival in India.
Email for Custom and Solo Pilgrimage costs.

Please read the website sections "Conditions and Requirements" and "How To Apply."



Please see the “Conditions and Requirements” section for a complete listing.

Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to India! is committed to giving you and making sure you get:

· excellent personal preparation

· expert coordination

· personalized care

· reverence-based experiences

· small group comfort

· great shopping opportunities

· introduction to YSS monastics and devotees

To be in the company of those who want to feel Guruji in India, who want to walk with Him and talk with Him, and to feel His loving presence in every person, place, and situation…this helps to provide a deeper inner and outer environment, and a never to be forgotten experience of Guruji, His India, …and the Quiet Heart!

Jai Guru! Jai Ma!

With you in Their perfect care and divine timing!

Brenda Roberts



© Brenda Roberts 2021