Quiet Heart Pilgrimage Cost Factors

From Brenda Roberts, Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to India!



Sometimes I am asked "Why do the Quiet Heart Pilgrimages cost more than other tours?"

· The Quiet Heart pilgrimages have been called the Cadillac of pilgrimages. The care and detail given to provide each devotee the best pilgrimage possible is a hallmark of the Quiet Heart Pilgrimages. However, some pilgrims may still prefer more of a Volkswagen approach.

· The Quiet Heart pilgrimages are the only semi-private escorted pilgrimages exclusively for SRF/YSS Kriyaban devotees of Gurudeva.

· There are different types of pilgrimages and comparing them is like mixing apples and bananas – in that they are conducted under very different circumstances. Why do I say this? Because there is no one who has my level of expertise or gives the high quality level of organizational attention to detail, preparation, service, and care for you that I do. For some this is not important. For those who have been with me, it has been the foundation upon which they have been free to go deep with God and Guru. Apples and bananas. Good fruit all … uniquely suited according to desire, karma, receptivity.

· You can certainly go to India with much less expense; but what is true is that you inevitably pay for it in the end by occurrences like lost time and experiences, illness, enormous frustration, large group “herding”, inharmonious personalities, extra financial obligations while there, or general lack of care and proper planning.

· I don’t do large volume pilgrimages. I lead Semi-private groups – 4 Kriyabans only – and I am available to you 24/7 from the time you deposit to the time you leave India…naturally, there is a cost increase associated with this type of traveling environment and comprehensive personal care.

· I give in-depth preparation in the weeks and months before leaving; from personal packing and planning, guidance on getting your India Visa, arranging custom flight plans that are usually hundreds of dollars cheaper than online air fares, to making your adaptation to such a different culture as smooth as it can be…to my knowledge, no one else does this.

· You are also paying for my expertise and experience; over 40 pilgrimages, close relationships with ashrams, devotees and trustable venders alike, to make your journey safe, getting the most out of the time spent, and having a very special intimate experience of Guruji’s India. (Plus it’s a heck of a lot of work to put these together!)

· This is not a sight-seeing India tourist adventure tour; nor is it just visiting holy places; it is going on a reverential pilgrimage with the mindset to connect with/experience Guruji in every waking moment and situation; and not having to worry about what the group is doing, or navigating the seemingly irrational and unpredictable culture .

As you know, at home it takes a special focus to connect with your own spiritual journey, and a special environment to do it deeplythis is all the more so in India!

Jai Guru! Jai Ma!

In Their service and yours,



© Brenda Roberts 2021