Pilgrimage: The Road Less Traveled

(a look at the hard parts)

From Brenda Roberts, Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to India!



If you are fearless of nature and can ask the tough questions, while maintaining your faith in God and Guru, you will be better equipped to be successful in business, in life, and in pilgrimage!

Understanding the scope of things helps us to be prepared. Taking a look at the potentially hard parts of pilgrimage to India helps you be prepared to deal with them as your spiritual best. It takes the shock or surprise factor away. You are already geared up to flex your spiritual muscles!

Ok , so let’s take a look at what some of the potentially hard parts are.

  • Some devotees find it challenging, in the beginning, to accept the need to dedicate time from their busy lives to include the Preparation Process as a new step.

  • Getting the Indian Visa has been, for most, the most challenging part. It can be an intimidating and frustrating process. Fortunately, in the more metropolitan areas for around $150 (plus the cost of a 10- year Visa; e-visas are NOT acceptable for our groups), there are professional travel agents who help you with the paperwork, send it in for you, get an expedite, and follow-up with you! Don’t start this process without talking with Brenda!!

  • Sometimes, connecting to an international flight can seem daunting, and may need more energy and effort than anticipated. Brenda helps you get the best international flight at usually hundreds below online prices, but connecting from a domestic airport sometimes requires weird or long travel times. Don’t start this process without talking with Brenda!!

  • Female clothing protocols are sometimes challenging to the feminine ego.

  • Culture shock is greatly reduced by the preparation process, but depending on your nature, some elements will still require an expanded consciousness and silent prayer. Read again Reflection Letter #4

  • Having a roommate may again require an expanded consciousness and silent prayer! (However, remember, nothing happens by accident in Guruji’s perfect care! And challenges represent the next step in your spiritual unfoldment!)

  • Any part of your day to day routine that you are rigid about will sure to be challenged. Hence the need to “give it to God.” Holding Gurujis hand; seeing all as coming from him for your highest good…allowing yourself to pin your faith to the blessings …this is what will give you the deepest spiritual benefit of your time in India.

Hope this helps - Jai Guruji! Jai Ma!

With you in Their Perfect Care,



© Brenda Roberts 2021