Why Go Now?

Maybe a better title would be “why go as soon as possible.” 😊 If a pilgrimage to Guruji’s India is of interest to you, here are some compelling reasons to go as soon as possible:

We have already seen over the years that time has taken its toll on how much of our historic past in India we can access. This has been due to many factors.

Now, with the online explosion of Guruji’s teachings and all of the organizational development that has brought those blessings to the world, not only will we find that the ravages of time continues to consume past structures and persons, but the exigencies of progress will also necessitate more organizational structure, more control to protect what is left of historic remnants, more rules and regulations of access and interaction. The intimate, “much like it was” times of India are fast vanishing. The two-edged swords of progress and organization are building rapidly. Carpe diem was never more appropriate!

Here are some personal thoughts to consider:

Why am hesitating?

Will I be in better physical shape later?

Will I be in a better financial position later?

What would I gain by deciding to go as soon as possible?

How can I participate with Guruji to help make it happen?


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