~ a few selections from those who have participated in the

Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to India!

"I'm still glowing from the whole trip, and I continue to cherish

that feeling of closeness to the Great Ones, believe it or not!

A big hug for you, Brendaji! I wish I could join you again!!"

. . . the trip was simply wonderful. I loved every bit of it, one of the highlights being

the group itself. Some really lovely people, and very spiritual.

Even being from India with relatives still there, it would have been nearly impossible to visit the places we did, due to the horrendous logistics of organizing travel to such remote locations, each of which alone would have taken a trip on its own. Brendaji had organized it extremely well, leaving us to be as carefree as children.

The YSS ashrams themselves are really lovely, even if spartan, with the trademark beautiful gardens of the SRF ashrams. And the food was excellent and plentiful.

The spiritual experience was very powerful, something that for me was monumental! Brendaji managed to show us many of the places Guruji mentions in the Autobiography, even our tour of Varanasi was from that angle, and not the conventional general tourist routine.

All in all, she made it possible for a bunch of western city-slickers to see some very primitive places in fair comfort and security! I was amazed at her ability to steer us through all of that like a native Indian!

I would highly recommend it to any serious devotee of SRF, especially if they are of an adventurous nature, and even Indians, for the reasons I mentioned.

Brendaji, here are my thoughts ~

Why go on a Quiet Heart Pilgrimage to India:

~If Paramahansa Yogananda is your Guru, it will bring an unbelievable closeness that was not present pre-trip.

~To experience India and the people of India, it changes you on several levels. As a disciple, as a citizen of the world, and as a soul on its spiritual journey.

~Nowhere in America, can you walk where Lahiri, Babaji and Sri Yukteswar walked.
Their vibrations are undeniably strong.

~The food is great!

~It is a beautiful country once you are out of the city.

~It is OK to be openly spiritual.

~There is neat stuff to buy for cheap. The artisan crafts are amazing.

~A gratitude for the material abundance that is America will come over you.

~A deep thirst for God awakens that is present when you come home.

~The meditations are really great, especially on the ashram grounds.

~When you get home everyone will ask you "why India" and you can tell them about meditation.

~You will never feel the same about the value of a dollar again.

~Finally, it will leapfrog your spiritual advancement and re-energize your resolve to find God.

India was an awakening experience for me. Amidst the chaos of traffic, noise, and the assault to all the senses, I found great peace within me; my mind was calm, and my emotions unruffled. I feel more grounded than I have ever felt before. I have great trust and faith in the Divine Presence within me, and I feel Guruji very near me all the time.

For me, India is not so much a place but a dimension where God and Guru are tangible, concrete, visible, right there . . . all else drops away.

I've been home now three weeks. Words are tough to describe the experience I had in India. I know I am changed in a very fundamental way. The trip, so far this life, is a highlight. Your effort to make it amazing was evident and so appreciated.

I feel this trip was a wonderful experience that allowed me to connect with Guruji

in a manner I never thought possible. His presence was very real to me, and meeting his family a real delight.

The greatest gift was meeting all the truly wonderful individuals associated with Guruji. It is said “the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree” and “by their fruits ye shall know them.”

Truly our Guru is great!! He attracts loving, kind, honest, devout, gentle and genuine souls to Him because He is all those things and much more.

I am SO grateful, SO grateful. . .

You have given me a pilgrimage I could never have dreamt of . . . .

Jai Guruji! Jai Ma!

The joy of pilgrimage begins
when you make the decision to do it!

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