Being There ~ Reflections of a Pilgrim

Letter 2 ~ Seeing With The Heart

...A few thoughts about the heart and the mind....

The mind. The double–edged sword. Yes, we need it and we need to use it. But India is best experienced with the heart. The mind travels, assesses, and makes judgments. The heart embraces, grows large with Grace, and stirs the soul Homeward.

Surrender is the way of the heart; in meditation ~ and in pilgrimage. Leaving the standards of our western culture behind; leaving expectations behind, leaving petty attachments behind; that is the best preparation for India Pilgrimage. View Mother India with the heart.

I have found Pilgrimage - India - to be a living metaphor for life and meditation. You must choose where you keep your consciousness. Constant are the opportunities for evenmindedness, detachment, and the great, deep love of the Divine Beloved.

India, like life, holds the same promise: if you tie the mind to this little mud-ball it will be an unending source of pain and displeasure, but if you enter in with your heart attuned to the Divine Beloved, then what joy! Even through difficulties, that joy floats you beyond the reach of disturbances of the mind and carries you aloft and within; Godward.


With you in Guruji's Perfect and Constant Care,


© Brenda Roberts 2021