“You Would Find A Quiet Heart Pilgrimage

Of Great Value If…”

From Brenda Roberts, Quiet Heart Pilgrimages to India!



You would find a Quiet Heart pilgrimage of great value if…

· If you would appreciate having someone look after your particular needs and concerns about being on pilgrimage in India. Some devotes have trepidations about becoming ill, about not finding the right food, about the sanitation differences, about their own physical limitations, about staying in the YSS ashrams, and about many other aspects of going to India.

You can expect a great amount of general, and unique-to-you, expert preparational guidance before going, and once there, your Kriyaban Escort will attend to any needs that may arise for you. Small groups and extensive personal experience allow for this excellent quality individual attention.

· If you want a reverential, holy experience that is based on vivifying in your own heart the tenets in Daya Mataji's book "Enter The Quiet Heart." Like being on retreat, where the intent is shared, a supportive environment is created where you can dive deeper into Practicing the Presence in your own way and time.

Being on a Quiet Heart Pilgrimage is an important spiritual undertaking you will never forget; it provides the focus and freedom for you to take the next step on your path to God and go deeper into the Quiet Heart. (See website for testimonials.)

· If you would like options to experience fun with Master in exploring the various shopping and cultural delights of Guruji's Motherland. To enjoy Guruji's love of a bargain, and to experience India’s uniquely rich cultural history in her arts, textiles, stonework, metals, gems, music, and cuisine, we will have optional times for exploring the markets, old and new, for shopping, browsing, and collecting. Master gathered treasures “from the earth’s far corners,” wherever he travelled, in order to share his experiences with dear ones.” (AY: “I Return to the West”)


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