Being There ~ Reflections of a Pilgrim

Letter 1 ~ Life-Changing

The Quiet Heart Pilgrimage to India! is usually only a few weeks, but it is an unbelievably rich few weeks in terms of being a life "page-turner" and "karma-burner!"

Like being on retreat or in meditation, the Indian environment supports a deeper attunement with the Divine. Being out of your normal routine and ego-identifying environment allows you the opportunity of an extraordinary freedom within to identify with your spiritual self without censor from the world around you. It has been said that Sri Daya Mataji went into samadhi easily in India because it is more readily accepted there. The Indians are not alarmed or judgmental about overt spirituality.

In India, like in meditation, preoccupation with desires and the world outside are the major forces that interfere with the interiorization of the devotee and hence the experience of the Blessed Presence. The effort to hold the Divine Hand at every turn creates a magnetic dynamo that turns the consciousness inward - and in so doing, change happens; awareness happens, bliss and joy happen.

One thing I and other devotee pilgrims have found out about an in-depth soul-searching pilgrimage is that it doesn't stop when you get back home -- it keeps "cooking." And when you get back, you experience life differently; because you have changed. Of necessity, you have to re-evaluate your life and priorities because you find that you are not the same person you were before your Quiet Heart Pilgrimage to India! experience.

A Quiet Heart Pilgrimage to India! is truly a spiritual adventure! Soul-etching. . . life-changing. . . consciousness expanding . . . heart-touching. . . .


With you in Guruji's Perfect and Constant Care,


© Brenda Roberts 2021