Being There ~ Reflections of a Pilgrim

Letter 3 ~ Processing

Bharata, as she is called, is a land of intensity. Intense poverty. Intense traffic. Intense overpopulation. Intense lack of sanitation. Intense corruption and bureaucracy. Intense activity. Intense dichotomies. Intense history. Intense beauty. Intense vibration. Intense soul-etching spirituality.

You will need to relax as much as you can. Be a child of Divine Mother’s. Hold Guruji’s Hand. Your physical needs will be taken care of; all the hassles of trying to get accommodations and transportation will be handled for you.

You will be very busy, however, - processing. You will be processing on many levels; all senses will be on alert and overloaded with experience; distant soul memories may stir anew and you may have surprising responses to your experiences. The heart, the mind, the feelings, the old and familiar, the sense of connect or repulsion; they are all going to be in process.

An Insight Diary is a helpful processing aid. It is a good tool to capture the swiftly moving feelings and experiences and help you sort out, release, identify, and begin to understand them. Some are better than others at journaling – I’m one of those who can’t keep up with it – but the little I have done continues to inspire me whenever I come across it again. When I first went to India I was utterly blissed out, but for many times after that, my senses were on high alert! I did not know which way to look – not wanting to miss anything, I was “on” all of the time!

This mental and spiritual processing can be taxing on the physical level, so if you follow the suggestions for health and safety given in your Quiet Heart Pilgrimage to India! preparation materials, and if you are prepared mentally to “let go and let God,” “go with the flow,” practice the Presence, be calmly active and actively calm, and let the Divine embrace you, then you will be practicing that surrender which allows the heart to fill like a balloon of joy, lifting you above and beyond the inconveniences and intensities of the physical into the realm of the Bhakti.

There is no way to adequately describe the feeling of being on a Quiet Heart Pilgrimage to India! The experience is transformational, but the feeling is deeply unique and personal . . . you’ll see . . . .


With you in Guruji's Perfect and Constant Care,


© Brenda Roberts 2021